Why d̶o̶n̶’̶tCAN’T I own any rare NFTs?

The shift of cryptocurrency to fundamental utility in 2022 brings a new wave of unique NFT projects competing for an increasingly sizable metaverse experience and DeFi opportunities through P2E, game economy and instant liquidity.

Since the start of the pandemic, I, like many others, have embraced virtual living. Netflix, video games, cryptocurrency, and more recently, NFTs are now common household topics.

Of these, only NFTs are a topic still considered to be in its infancy.

However, entering the world of NFTs is not an even playing field. As a matter of fact, it has become a place where NFT influencers, crypto whales, insiders, and private alpha networks, dictate and control from within, the systematic success of every “new” upcoming NFT project.

These inner circles have tools empowering them to access information earlier, enabling better decision-making, pre-planning, and bigger profits. Just like in traditional stock exchanges, information asymmetry is prevalent throughout the NFT community. The rich get richer, whilst those without early access to information continue to become pawns in a game played by NFT elites.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t acquire those unique 1/1's or been unable to purchase a rare for a good deal on Opensea.io? Have you found it impossible to get in early after reading that Tweet from your favourite NFT influencer about a new NFT project they’re supporting? Is it “just luck” that someone else managed to scoop up the NFTs with traits you wanted while you can’t even find any good ones available in the first place?

You have been playing the game from behind and now it’s time to level the playing field.

$FLASH is a community-driven ERC-20 token that revolutionizes deflationary tokenomics by using a Subscription Utility Burn. Burning $FLASH allows access to an NFT application suite for a limited time which contains everything an average NFT trader needs.

We start by introducing our $FLASH token, the link to the entire FLASH ecosystem. The token innovates a new approach named SUB - “Subscription Utility Burn”, implementing a burn mechanic to grant access to the application suite for 7 days or 30 days at a time. Holders of the token can either purchase it as needed, or simply trade it as a commodity.

For dedicated traders, the top 20% holders of the $FLASH token will be able to mint a pass that is also tradeable as an ERC-1155.

For more information about the NFT application suite, visit our website:




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